True Colours

When I create a new painting, I like using vibrant colours. Whilst my work is based on a realistic depiction of the object, I deeply enjoy experimenting with light as well as using unusual and vivid colours, in order to make the painting more joyful, and to add an unexpected effect to the image.

It makes me happy to add a bright splash of colour to people’s everyday life and their living spaces. I believe that more than ever we all benefit from beauty, optimism and light in our surroundings. My artwork seeks to engage with people on a personal level and to brighten up their life in this moment.

I feel inspired by nature, by the intense colours and magnificent light of this land, particularly the South West of WA. This is reflected in my paintings, and searches to create a deeper connection with the viewer.

Most of the time I don’t focus on formal techniques, and initially don’t even have a precise vision for the end result; instead, I prefer letting the colour take over and allowing the painting to come to life in its own way. Whilst the harmony of the different colours is very important to me, there is no limit to my imagination and endless room for artistic expression.

The techniques, style and themes I work with evolve all the time. However, I like to engage in certain subjects for some time, leading to the creation of small “series” of artworks about a specific topic, for example ocean life and wildflowers.

Over the past 7 years I have worked and trained with multiple renowned professional artists in order to learn new techniques and develop my own style. I have participated in many exhibitions and art events in Perth, Fremantle and in the South-West. I am looking forward to this year’s Open Studios event to showcase my art.


I am the proud owner of three of Marion's amazing works of art. Each painting takes me on a journey with the exciting colours. Each picture has a personality, which talks to you and expresses what you keep deep inside your mind. It sparks a memory of something so powerful in your mind. I'm so happy and grateful for my paintings and will forever cherish them.
We needed something colourful to brighten up the living room of our newly built house and had seen some of Marion's paintings. We asked Marion if she could paint quite a large colourful beach painting, with a deep blue ocean. No picture was provided, we left the imagination up to the artist. Our painting turned out absolutely beautiful and we were both stunned with the finished art work. It is exactly what we wanted and has a prime spot in our lounge room and we love it!
Nannet & Jack
Visit me at Margaret Open Studios. For more information please visit their website here.
The artist

What I Do

  • Painting

    Adding a colourful dimension to life and ejoying the journey of painting everytime in my studio.
  • Commission Work

    I will be creating a specific work of art especially for you – You tell me what you like – I will paint your dream picture!


I would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form below for enquiries or feedback. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you prefer to talk - just give me a call under 0439 971389